What you see on the screen can change everything.

Best Re-made Films

Guy framing face with fingers.

Anytime a re-make of a previous film is announced, I can feel my eyes roll automatically with disdain. But is that justified? Can a re-make be a great thing? Here are some of my favorite recent remakes that give me hope for the future of film:

1. Man of Steel directed by Zack Snyder
2. True Grit directed by the Cohen Brothers
3. The Italian Job directed by F. Gary Gray
4. 3:10 to Yuma directed by James Mangold
5. The Amazing Spider Man directed by Marc Webb

Reality TV

View from behind a film camera.

Some of the weirdest television characters on TV today are the caricature-esque “real people” on reality TV programs. As reality TV has become more popular, the very nature of celebrity culture has changed to the point where “real” actors are less famous than those who live crazy lifestyles out in front of a camera. Is this a good or bad thing? The overwhelming consensus from the public is “I don't know!” Reality TV is often publicly mocked, yet its programming is some of the most popular on-air.

Smart Comedy?

Two women laughing on couch watching television.

I've noticed a push towards “Smart Comedy” on TV lately. While there are obviously still many stupid shows, shows like “Arrested Development,” famous for its strong cast and deftly-performed television characters, have been given belated support from the television industry. With fan-funded projects, like the historic Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign, it seems that intelligent and devoted fan bases are in control, bringing an increased demand for smart and daring comedies to be integrated into television programming. Hopefully, this trend will continue into film as well.

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